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Catattchment Parenting – for Laura

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Ok so as promised, I am going spend a few days answering your questions and sharing weight loss advice from veteran members at boot camp.

You see, I am writing my first book. 

You know, with all the time I have between running 2 flourishing businesses, being a single mom, Cattachment Parenting a feral kitten (I am sitting here, right now, typing this email, wearing a home made baby sling that my brand new feral kitten is sleeping in. Judge me. I'm a broken women now anyway)…..

…yeh, the answer is I do not have time…but we never have time for the things we SHOULD be doing, so i'll just do it anyway.

In order to really nail down the message of this book and try to and help as many people world wide as possible…I asked you all last week some very pointed questions and asked for your most blunt advice to people who want to lose weight… and here is the amazing results.

Ok, so the first response came from long term member Laura and right out of the gate she said:

"Hi Misty, the one thing I wish I knew years ago is. It's never over being healthy and fit takes work, always never stop. I used to think once I got to a certain weight that was it i was done! WRONG!!! This is something I need to work on and maintain for the rest of my life, once I realized this it was so much easier. "

This is EVERYTHING WE PREACH at 10,000 strong. We are a lifestyle, not just a one time affair.

Laura then went on to remind me that she has been a member at 10,000 strong for 2 years now and that there is no way she could have stuck to a workout program this long without us.

Laura wants you to know that being healthy is forever and there is NO point whatsoever in trying to fix everything with a month to month boot camp or gym membership. But the thing is, once you realize that you won;t be losing weight over night, it actually makes it way easier to swallow the bitter pill of "time" and just commit to making the long term changes.

Look, 10,000 Strong has been around 10 years and, we will be here for 10 more so come try out your first 2 weeks with us and we can get you off on the right foot.

Grab your 2 weeek test drive here:

Seeya soon!!

Misty RHN
Crazy Cat Lady
10,000 Strong

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