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Cheap and Cheerful.

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My son loves Dollarama.

He loves that he can buy toys for a couple of bucks.

He loves the sheer volume of toys, games and play-things.

It’s like a wall a fun for him.

And sometimes I let him waste his money there.

You know what happens, you grab a cheap toy from there and it’s broken in under 24 hours.

Sam was so disappointed when his toy gun set that he got for a toonie broke before we even got home.

Toy’s need to be somewhat robust…kids are gonna drop them, they are going to bash them up.

If you want a toy to stand the test of time, it cannot cost $1 or even $2.

The truth is, you cannot buy quality toys from Dollarama.

And here’s the thing….

The same goes for fitness.

If you are looking around for the cheapest boot camp, the cheapest gym, and the shortest commitment….then you are going to be very, very disappointed.

Like Sam and his toy gun, you will put faith in your purchase and your shiny, cheap, gym membership.

And before long, you will realize that it was a waste of money.

You will be disappointed by the lack of results.

You will be frustrated that it was not what it promised to be.

You may also be broken from trainers that have no idea what they are doing.

When it comes to fitness, you need to see it as an investment.

If you get a cheap program, you will get cheap results.

In you invest in the best ( ) then you get the best results.

If there is one thing you should’t cheap out on…it’s your health.

I am not saying we are super expensive, but we are not cheap either.

But our results, our programming, our nutrition programs are the best you will ever get.

Your body won’t have a choice but to change.

Listen, all I am saying is you won’t be cheaping out on your casket, so why cheap out on your health?

Misty “eeeeeks, that last line was a little edgy” Mozejko

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