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Clean Slate Detox = Damage Control

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Lets get something straight:

Summer is a calorie laden shit show.

Even the most die hard of us drink a little more, eat a little more and lunge a little less.

It’s SUMMER IN CANADA….fire pits, s’more and a few bevvie’s is like our National pastime in Summer.

I think it’s actually the law…


I have a cunning plan you see

It’s called the Clean Slate Detox and it’s going to make amends for any Summertime slacking.

See, if you are one of the many that slipped a little, then we need something short, sharp and shocking to get the body back in line.

We need to kill the cravings, beat the bloat and above all, get back on the wagon now that school season is rounding the corner.

Those skinny jeans are a fall staple and let’s be honest….a belly full of summer ain’t pretty 😉

My latest program is going to fix you up fast.

12 days actually (starts Sept 14th).

Of course you will join us for an unlimited amount of group training with our personal training team.

You will start to feel stronger within just a couple of workouts.

We also have for you a nutritionist approved meal meal that comes complete with your grocery lists.

This meal plan is what I called a “progressive elimination” plan because we are going to wean you off sugar and salt in a cruelty-free manner.

Step by step, with lots of hand holding.

Then you will go into 3 days of juicing (food optional). This is where the magic happens.

Then, we add your foods back in again making you feel whole and healthy…

…and VOILA!!

Cleansed, clean and ready for action.

The Clean Slate Detox is by registration only and you have to sign up here to get on the list.

Our 12 days of health starts Sept 14th….and if it was anything like last time….we will sell out within days.

If you are looking to get back in control of the eating and drinking then don’t miss out on this program.

This one is selling at $147 plus HST (Members you are, as always, FREE)

This is your only chance to ensure fall 2015 is set up to be your fittest year ever.

Better than any pill, powder or potion you could ever take.

Always here to help

Misty “all about that juice” Mozejko

PS: To set the record straight…..detox’s are in fact GOOD for the body.

I caught flack last time from people saying that detox’s have been “proven” to be bad for the body.

Well yeh sure…if you are going to drink water and cayenne pepper for a week, I can see that being a little rough.

But, and this is why you pay me money, as a Nutritionist with over 10 years in the industry, I can promise you that detoxing this body twice a year, in a safe controlled manner WITH a clean eating program is probably the healthiest thing you can do.

Those who nay-say have no idea about MY programs or else they would be know better 😉

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