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Closing this Bid’Niz Down

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In 30 minutes, you lose the chance to save $500 on a 6 month membership.

Gone, finito, outta here.

I had 5 of these memberships up for grabs, and they are probably all sold out….i’m not checking until tomorrow morning because well….Turkey Tryptophan Coma has set in.

If the Pay Pal link works then you know you got the last spot.

Remember, when you grab this deal, each workout averages out to $9.34 per session, your nutritionist one on one’s are included for free and you’ll get the 19 Day Detox program for free…and even front of the line access as this thing usually sells out in 72 hours 🙂

Remember, this offer is only today. No extensions.

Go here to grab your 2016 6 month membership (starts Jan 2nd):

Sit tight for 48 hours, or until my Turkey Baby as been delivered and I’ll get you all squared away with a welcome email.

Talk soon

Misty “closing time” Mozejko

P.S. Here’s a valuable surprise bonus “goodie” for you

A lot of my readers have been asking me if there is Facebook Group that we all hang out in and well, guess what?

There totally is. My members, my trainers and anyone interested in finding out more about our fitness revolution can join.

You can post questions, download content (we’ll be adding stuff periodically), answer questions, network, get motivated, rub shoulders (virtually) and make workout deals, or just lurk.

Same rules as any forum type apply.

Don’t go spamming or making offers or whatever.

(Anyone who does is immediately banned).

Anyway, here’s where to join:

(You’ll need a Facebook account.)

See ya on the other side…

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