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Coach Andrew: The Beethoven of PT’s

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Coach Andrews boot camp was amazing this morning. Like seriously good.

I mean, you can go for a workout and slog through it, sweat, get sore and thank the workout Gods above that it’s done and over with…

..or you can have a 10,000 Strong workout that was designed to not only push both your cardio endurance and your muscular strength..

…but that was composed as beautifully as a Sonata by Beethoven.

Anyone can throw a workout together.

You can, I can, the wet-behind-the-ears trainer can. Any newbie fitness freak can slap some Burpees with some Squats and call it a workout..

…any stock personal trainer who was churned out of the personal training puppy mill can throw you on a piece of cardio equipment and press start….

…but I will tell you something:

There are VERY few personal trainers who can put together a workout that flows beautifully from one exercise to the next, that keeps your heart rate up and burning fat the entire time and who knows exactly what to say to keep your head in the game for the entire 30 minute session.

No, those personal trainers are few and far between. 

But, our Coach Andrew is one of those coaches. The way his workouts move and flow, the way he combines complimentary exercises and the way he uses his words to keep you hyper focused on your efforts is more beautiful than Mona Lisa.

Yes. I know I sound crazy. But it’s not crazy, it’s passion. I am passionate about training and so when one of my trainers makes working out seem like art…

…I need to publicly commend him and remind you, my dear reader, that you deserve the same kind of experience in YOUR workouts.

10,000 Strong takes working out and eating well to a whole new level. We don’t offer crappy workouts, we don’t offer half-assed meal plans, we don’t hire shitty trainers.

I’m a perfectionist and thus, you only get the best.

You deserve to at least try out our program just to see the difference between us and everyone else. You should at least see how far we have taken the art of working out and see just how effective our meal planning is. You should at least know that there is something that is 100 times better than what you are doing now:

Just like the L’Oreal woman says: Because you’re worth it

Till tomorrow 

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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