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Coach Andrew’s Addiction Problem

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Yeah, you read that right. I, Coach Andrew am an addict. There I said it.

It feels so good to say it out loud, to finally tell someone. Now don’t get it twisted…I’m not addicted to the rock (like the infamous former Mayor of the T-Dot) or to the bottle…Nooooo!!

I’m addicted to results! I’m addicted to Boot Camp! I’m addicted to that feeling right after crushing a 30 minute killer Boot Camp session with one of our amazing Certified Personal Trainers.

I’m addicted to helping our members achieve greatness! I’m addicted to the unwavering support from our fitness community!

Now…I know our Famous 19 Day Detox is over and so maybe you missed out on this results driven challenge…but it’s not too late. If you join today, our nutritionist can hook you up with the detox as well as any meal plan, any elimination protocol, any debloat program you want. You name it, it’s included in your membership.

You too should become addicted to feeling well. You should yearn for the satisfaction a kick ass workout gives. You should enjoy the muscles soreness that comes along with pushing your limits and you should wear your sweat stains with pride.

You can become addicted too and work daily with us to get the body of your dreams and become the healthiest version of yourself you’ll ever know.

Our membership options start at 6 months all the way up to 24 months in length. I can explain to you some timelines, i’ll hook you up with the nutritionist and i’ll make sure you have front of the line access to our next challenge for free, just book in a consultation with me.

I can assess your numbers and recommend a plan that works for you. Did I mention that we guarantee results!?

Hit reply to this email and let’s come up with a post detox plan. You’ll feel 1000% better when you have a plan in place for greatness.


If you’re ready to join the family…here is a link for our 12 month membership option.

Now off to get my fix!

Coach Andrew

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