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Confessions of a plump runner

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God I hate running.

Between the wheezing, the lead legs and a heart that is trying to box it's way out of my chest….

…I have certainly lost my running legs.

I mean. I used to own a run club. I trained for multiple half marathons. I ran 20k before most people woke up…

….and now I'm clutching my chest after a 3k jaunt with Coach Nassi.

Disgusted by my cardio conk-out, I complained heartily to our in-house weight loss coach (and marathoner) and openly wondered how the hell I went from gazelle to  gimp in such a short time.

But, just like everything… If you don't use it, ya lose it.

You can lose your cardio endurance pretty quickly if you don't keep running… And as I'm finding out, it's a real bitch to get back on  top.

Anyway…what I do know is that if I keep running through this uncomfortable, wheezy, whiney part, in just three runs…everything will feel better.

It's the same with boot camp. The first couple of boot camps will be the wheezy, burny, snotty boot camps. You'll finish flat on your back on the floor and wonder how the snot people find this fun…

…and then, after just three boot camps, you'll be the one smiling, high fiving and walking out of boot camp feeling like a trillion bucks.

I'm gonna get better at running and you will get better at boot camp. Deal?? 

Now, to help you get over that 3 boot camp hump, I've got a $29 two week pass for ya.

At least you can get over the hard part without breaking the bank 😉

Hop on over here:

Run along now… We've got some bodies to change.

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