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Core-Gasms: Fact or Fiction

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There are some core-focussed exercises out there that have been said to stimulate a LOT more than your abdominals.

Women all over the world have credited certain exercises to bringing them to the pinnacle of pleasure.

Hanging leg raises, core on the ball and so on and so forth.

Maybe that’s why some women have those 6 pack abs….it was nothing to do with how they looked and everything to do with how they feel…

I mean, come on, if it felt that good to workout, we’d all be at it like rabbits.

In fact, Arnold Schwarzenegger agrees with me and you can read his quote about how pumping iron feels as good as sex on IMDB…

Anyway, Whitby Boot Camp is not a sex-fuelled workout studio…far from it (mind you, when I installed the TRX system I got a few questions as to their “real” function)…

No, Whitby Boot Camp is about good nutrition and amazing workouts. We are about making you feel like you just had sex, without the actual sex. Just lots of squats, pushups and TRX planks.

We want to make you glow of course, but the glow comes from finishing another fun workout that left your legs trembling and your heart racing. We want the glow of pride. The glow of appreciation for your body. The glow of energy.

We want you to feel good, feel sexy and feel strong but we want you to get those feelings every day, from our daily workout program as well as our clean and lean menu plans and detox programs.

Because when you leave our studio, you will feel unstoppable and like a total god.

Believe it or not, working out is addictive. And I know that sounds ridiculous to some, but to our members it’s a very real addiction.

The body actually really likes to workout every day for 30 minutes, to sweat and to have it’s heart rate spiked. The body loves veggies and lean proteins. It loves slow carbs and lots of beans.

And that’s everything we will design for you. From you workouts to your carbs, we have everything covered.

And that there is a really great feeling.

So, come and get more of what your body wants. In fact check out our next $97 challenge…it starts on Monday:

It’s like when Harry Met Sally…but for your guts.

Talk soon

Misty “sex sells” Mozejko

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