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Cram THIS into your body to fight flab.

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OK so a few weeks ago we had the owners of the superfood chocolate shake called “The Good Stuff” into the studio.

Mark and Noreen were talking about different superfoods and how to incorporate it into your lives…

…now, during this talk, Noreen said something really important.

Something that will change how you look at dieting….forever.

Noreen said “the more good foods you put into your diet, the more bad foods you will push out”.

Losing weight is NOT about removing foods, it’s just about adding more good ones in.

If you can eat a diet that is brimming with nutrients, chocked full of vitamins and minerals and full of low fat, protein dense foods…

…you simply won’t have time nor stomach-realty for bad foods.

Your cravings will disappear and all of sudden you’ll realize that you don’t even want the crappy foods.

You are so full of good stuff, you don’t need the bad stuff any more.

And with that in mind, I now present the Calories and Crunches 42 Day meal plan.

My goal is to fill your body SO FULL of fat burning superfoods, that you no longer need or crave the bad stuff.

Your family will also benefit from this nutritionist developed meal plan and, whats more…

…it won’t break the bank.

At mere $0.80 a day….. you can keep money IN the bank this Summer.

Anyhoo…if you are ready to get on the clean eating bandwagon this Summer and resonate with the notion of cramming the body full of nutrient dense food…

..and you want to lose some poundage along the way…

Join the hundreds of people who have grabbed the launch weekend discount on our latest summer meal plan:

If you are a woman, click here:

If you are man, click here:

It’s yummy AND there is a substition list for anything you don’t enjoy.

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