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Crazy Mom Pulls Insane Workout Stunt

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I cannot believe Gina, a long time member and Ambassador, did 18 workouts last week.



She’s a mom, a wife and has a full time job….the only deduction I can make is that is literally Wonder Woman.

The truth is, we actually have an awesome Summer Accountability Program going on.

We know how it is in Summer…we know that vacations, visiting family and just beautiful sunny days down by the lake are too good to miss out on.

We know that Summer flies by and it’s important to soak up the Sun in the short 12 weeks we call a Canadian Summer.

BUT….regardless of the dog days of Summer…..

Ya still gotta work out. And it’s my job to inspire and motivate you to do just that.

And well, our Summer accountability program is clearly doing just that.

Gina clocked 18 workouts with Sara Worden nipping at her heels.

Yep…everyone loves a little friendly competition…especially if it keeps you 100% engaged in your fitness, your weight loss, your muscle growth and of your happiness.

Hey, let me ask you a question…

…who holds you accountable? Who checks in on your workouts?

Is there anyone else out there that cares about your workouts?

If not, you are missing a vital component in your fitness program.

You cannot do it alone, and neither should you!

You need a cheerleader, you need a personal trainer, you need someone to have eyes on you at all times…

…and thats what we do 🙂

We see you. All of you, at all times.

Summer is a perfect time to get started at 10,000 Strong, and with out $29 2 week trial you will get unlimited training sessions and of course a full body composition so we can get some goal setting and timelines planned out for you.

Get your 2 week test drive here:

See you soon!
Misty RHN
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