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Create your swole-mate in 1 easy step

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Anyone here have a husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend that eats like shit and doesn't workout?

How annoying is that?? 

And….wouldn't it be so much easier for everyone if they would just pick up a pepper once in a while…

…maybe try a squat one day?

Yes it would. It would be waaaaaaaay easier and FUN. But, what I have found, in the last decade I have been doing this gig, is that finding your SWOLE-MATE is really really hard.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I do have clients and friends who sweat together in holy matrimony, and fuck, awesome for them. BUT, I have WAY more friends who are desperate for their partners to join them at boot camp…

But here's the thing….ANYTHING A WIFE SAYS TO A MAN IS CONSIDERED NAGGING…and once they feel nagged, their ears will stop working.

Here's the thing >>>

You, as the partner, could say: " Hey Honey, you probably shouldn't eat that donut as it's full of fat and sugar". 

To which he will respond by simply shoving the entire donut in his mouth and chewing it loudly with his mouth wide open…


If I said to him: " Hey, donuts contain way more carbs and fat than you are going to burn off today, so you can eat the donut and gain weight, or not eat it and stay within your macros"…

And you know what he would do….He would nod his head, agree and put the donut away.


Because I am an unbiased third party, I am not there to nag and I have no judgement about what he finally ends up doing. You on the other hand are perceived to be doing all of these things, ALL the time.

And while I know that you are simply trying to help, your partner's fragile ego cannot handle YOU having an opinion on their body/nutrition/weight/strength etc.

So here is the solution:

If your partner *wants* to get healthier, then YOU don't say a dam thing. No. You bring them to ME and I, in my non-judgey way, tell them where it's at and what their options are.

Just book them in with me and I will play Bad Cop while you play Good.

Honestly, you'll have way better luck just letting them chat with me – I've done it 100 times.

So there you have it. YOU will never create a swole-mate from your spouse, but I can.

If you want to book them in with me for a quick chat and some goal setting, simply email and she'll make that happen for you.

Trust me on this. It works like a charm.

Talk tomorrow~

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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