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dairy queen blimp to H20 addict

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Visions of delicious salads swim before your eyes as you suck back a high anti-oxidant shake in between glugs of water.

Chia seeds pop tantalizingly in your mouth as you mash avocado into your sprouted grain organic bread and your green juice glistens in the sun just begging to be iced and enjoyed.

In theory, eating healthy seems like such a good idea and so easy. 

But in practice…it's a shit show.

Long time member Sara asked me: "How did you keep going and maintain the healthy eating? I can eat healthy but if I have a bad day or want to reward myself I turn to food. How do I change that? I find I get in a rut when I am trying to eat healthy and I eat a lot of the same things. And then I get bored."

Ok, so just like everything, consistency is key. 

I mean, I used to eat an XL Dairy Queen Blizzard every single say when I was fat. Yep…every day, and now? Now you could't pay me to eat that crap. It would actually make me feel sick if I tried.

So what changed? How did I go from an obese Dairy Queen guzzling blimp to a clean eating, water addicted nutritionist?



I went back to school to learn how to eat. I realized that the toxins in my food were slowly killing me. I understood HOW food works in my body. I learned exactly how my insides process foods and how I was over-burdening every single system with my toxic intake.

Once I realized how horrible I was being to my body and started caring about how food affected my system…I instantly became a healthy eater.

And, education is our #1 priority at 10,000 Strong. If I can show you how to eat and WHY you need it, it will stick. Each nutrition challenge we offer educates you. Every new meal is another layer of nutritional teaching. Each meeting with your nutritionist or weight loss coach is just one more way for me to inject you with all the information you need to make the best choice.

I include EVERYTHING I can into your membership so you get the absolute best WORKING EDUCATION on fitness and nutrition. Your body is the subject and with every new morsel of information you absorb, your body will change for the better.

10,000 Strong is NOT a dictatorship. We don't simply print a "chicken and sweet potato" meal plan from Google and tell you to follow that for a year. Nope. We personalized everything to your body and cater everything to your needs. 

We teach you everything you need so you can have life long results.

This is why we call ourselves a revolution because we plan on raising nutritional awareness one Whitby resident at a time – and it all starts with you.

You can come to our studio and get your sweat on daily in our 30 minute sessions while at the same time increasing your personal education about what it takes YOU to become healthy. Our systems mean that together we will tailor make a nutrition and workout program that works with your life and family.

So take the first step today and join us for the next little while and raise your self-education. All you have to lose is weight:

See you soon baboon

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong


1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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