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De-pudge your man one box at a time

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Today we have a guest writer and is name is Ayo. He is my Man Of The Hour and guess what….he has a tale that will make you smile while blowing the lid off any of your self-limiting beliefs.

Ok Ayo, over to you >>>>

Tomorrow (Mar 2nd) will mark exactly 2 months since I stepped into the 10,000 Strong workout studio. At 212lbs, I felt heavy and exhausted all the time. I needed several cups of dark roast coffee to get through each day at work. Sometimes I would start feeling tired on the GO Train to work even though I just rolled out of bed after an 8-hour sleep!

The first thing I said to myself when I walked into the workout studio was like:

“really? Is this it? What are those wooden boxes for?” The second thing was, “I hope they have a defibrillator here”.

I was honestly scared because I had not done any cardio in more than 2 years, other than the occasional running up the stairs at Union Station while rushing to catch a train. 

The first session (Monday Jan 2) was painful and awful (running up and down to warm up, some burpees, stepping on the wooden box). I knew how bad a state my body was in and I very accurately forecasted the next day’s soreness so I had booked Tuesday off work well ahead of time. 

And sore my body was! 

I spent the entire day on the couch and could barely move up and down the stairs. But I worked out on Wednesday and Thursday, rested Friday and stupidly went out for a buffet on Saturday. Sunday was the weigh-in for the Hour Glass Fast (HGF) challenge…and I was still exactly where I started (212lbs)!

Anyhow, the 3-week HGF and Misty’s many inspirational messages were a turning point. 

I was “frustrated” that I had worked out for 3 days already but neither felt nor saw any changes. But then I said to myself, “wait a minute, when I finished school and started working 10 years ago, I was 170lbs! I think it will take a while to reverse 10 years of the damage I have done to my body through a combination of poor diet, inactivity and consumption of alcohol well above and beyond the recommended weekly threshold”.

I count myself lucky that my body can tolerate hunger well and I can’t really point to any food out there that I can’t do without (well, maybe peanut butter, pineapples and mangoes). So the HGF wasn’t too difficult for me. I worked out on average 4 days a week during the HGF and dropped 11lbs.

A testing moment came during the HGF: I missed out on an opportunity to move into a job I was coveting within our office, one that comes with a six figure salary. Usually I would have drowned myself in sorrow with some stiff Jack Daniels but when I got the news that I wasn’t the successful candidate, I decided to fast the next day (even though it wasn’t a fasting day) and worked out as usual. I found myself completely at ease and not upset about the missed opportunity. I very graciously thanked the hiring manager for considering me, asked for feedback and moved on! 

The HGF and the exercise program allowed me to handle a very disappointing situation in a very professional manner without causing any discomfort or friction within the office (great for my career I think…lol).

Anyway, where are we? Yes, 2 month “anniversary” with 10,000 Strong. I stepped on the scale this morning and came in at 194lbs. Well, still heavy but I’m also 6’-1” so, not bad. I’m eating healthy (making my own food everyday) and I have totally eliminated sugar and cream from my coffee. Muffins and donuts are a no-no. 


I had my second glass of 2017 today at lunch…so it’s not such a boring life, as long as you know how to make up for the occasional unhealthy beer or wine. In my pre-10,000 Strong days, I would have been out for at least 5 or 6 Office Drinks already this year. Each one would dent my wallet by $50 – $80. So I’m saving big $ as well.

Finally, I now know what those wooden boxes (along with all the other simple workout tools) are for! It’s not the expensive machines that do the workout…you, along with the exceptional instructors, do the workout! 

I had never rope-skipped my whole life but can now do over 90. My muscles are getting stronger each day (I can balance myself on the TTC train now without holding a handrail…lol. I thought all along that I couldn’t do that because I was too tall. Turns out my leg muscles were just wobbly).

Great work Misty and all the instructors at 10,000 Strong!

Did I promise not to be too wordy? I'm sorry, can't help it.

Ayo is good people and I love him to bits, but you can see from his story that he was living a life that wasn’t the best version of himself.

I can honestly say that when I see his smiling face at boot camp he is radiant. He glows. He smiles from ear to ear.

And guess deserve to feel this way too. 

You deserve to have your own success story. You deserve to feel like a million bucks.

And it all starts here with our 2 week test drive. Start with 2 weeks, let it roll into 2 months and then hell…let’s see where it goes 🙂

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See ya soon

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