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Depression, Drinking and Divorce = Weight Loss.

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Ok, so Ailyah asked me: "When your week turns to shyt, how do you stay on track and motivated?".

Ahhh, well….as someone who has had her fair share of shitty weeks, I think I can answer this…and answer it well.

So, y'all know I got divorced. And, if you have been divorced too, you know that life goes through a series of twists and turns once the decision to separate has been made.

Right after the separation, you go through, what I call, The Warrior Phase. You can do anything, you lose weight, you are fearless and fierce and no-one can stop you.

And then, a few months after The Warrior Phase comes the "Sit At Home And Drink Phase". In this phase you realize that all men are shit heads, you are broke, stressed and your parenting skills have left the building.

To quell the ever-mounting stressors and squash the depression that comes knocking on your door, you simply pour a glass of wine and snuggle into your blanket on the couch.

This phase lasts the longest. Years in my case. And it's in this phase that motivation to workout and eat right plummets 20 leagues under the sea.

(Now, after this phase, you hit the "Fuck, I Better Get My Shit Together Phase" and you get back on the horse called Life and lose weight and get fit again).

….anyway, back to Phase 2.

During this "No Motivation" phase it's really, really hard to persuade yourself into going to boot camp. 

And, i'll be honest with you, a lot of the times the wine won and the workout lost. BUT…

…and this where hindsight is 20/20…

…the BEST thing you can do when you are feeling down is to actually workout. You will not only get a rush of endorphins which will substantially raise your mood, but you will laugh and smile (also known to boost your mood), you will hang out with like-minded people, you will lower depression and increase happiness, you will have a physical release of stress from each and every muscle, you'll speed up your slowing metabolism and..



I did actually come to realization that I needed extra help through this time and so I hired Coach Nassi to be my personal trainer. The accountability was insane. Some days she showed up to my goddam house and forced me to do HIIT training on the treadmill.

Yes, she is a really good trainer here at 10,000 Strong.

So, when times get tough and you are struggling with motivation, just remember how much better you will feel AFTER the workout. Focus on the AFTER GLOW and try to ignore thinking about actually getting yourself to boot camp and what boot camp will feel like. Just think about on how GOOD it will make you feel.

And, if you find yourself in an extended motivation slump…hire one of our personal trainers to get you back on track.

So, I hope that these pearls of wisdom help with your motivation misery. We all go through it and it's not a sign of failure. It's a sign that you need to refocus on the good and ignore that bad.

If you are dire need of some motivation and need a  dam good trainer, just grab a 2 week test drive and our crew of ACCOUNTABILITY-WARRIORS will take you by the hand and guide you through.

Grab a 2 week test drive here:

C'mon, can't drink it away forever now can you?

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