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Diazepam and chill?

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Monday of March Break has hit and i’m already seeing memes from Mothers wishing it was time to send the rug rats back to school.

Haha. Kids are tiring, exhausting and expensive little snot bags but we love them. We love when they sneak into our bed, we love the hugs and the kisses and we love how they can make us laugh.

Sometimes Sam drives me bonkers with his attitude. He’s just about 11 but it’s like he has just rediscovered the word NO. Except nowadays, his NO! is accompanied by and eye roll, a hair flip and the word “jjjjjeeeeezzzzzz” muttered under his breath.

Wha's worse is that the technology removing threat of “1…..2…….3!” is all but useless and that was my one parenting trick I had left.

Ah well. Kids are awesome and while they drive us mental, we love them all the same.

The thing is tho, we may not love what they did to our bodies. The stretch marked stomachs and the tube-sock boobs are testament to our bloated, pregnant bodies and breast-feb babies.

Our stomach pooch that that caesarean left or maybe that scar that just won’t stay hidden.

The bags under our eyes from sleepless night and the extra 20 pounds from scrounging chicken nugget leftovers from the kids plates while cleaning the kitchen before bed.

Mommy-hood is not kind to our bodies and we do have to make an EXTRA effort these days to stay on top of our trim bodies. 

It won’t just happen like it used to ya know.

You actually have to invest time into it. Money into it. I have to work my life around Sam and I’s workout schedule as we both workout somewhere every day.

But this is what it takes.

It takes commitment. It takes time. It takes a longevity and lifestyle mindset.

You have kids now. Nothing is gonna be easy ever again…so get used to it 😉

Now luckily for you, 10,000 Strong can be used as your daily escape hatch. You can use the time you spend at the studio to decompress, do something good for yourself and become the role model you want your kids to mimic.

Many mom’s say that boot camp is their only outlet and that they NEED to come and workout here so they can have some adult time, some laughs and a dam good workout that will keep them energized throughout the rest of the day and night.

It’s like a prescription-less dosage of Mommy’s Little Helper (which is what they called Diazepam back in the 60’s) that keeps you calm enough to handle any amount of crayon scribble the kids left on the walls while you were out.

Come on.

You deserve some time to yourself. Might as well multi-task and lose that mommy-tummy at the same time. Start your 2 week test drive this week and leave the kids to fend for themselves (or with Dad, which ever is less dangerous)

Tomorrow is but another day and I will talk to you then

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

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