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Did the Romans create the #eatclean movement?

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So when you think of the Roman Empire what comes to mind?

Big noses, protruding bellies and lavish foods…. right?

Not exactly the leanest people in history.

They actually craved indulgence, it was a sign of prosperity,

They were more concerned with how to get their mouths around MORE food…not worry about dieting and eating less!

They drank wine with every meal and they lounged in steam rooms…

But what they actually ate was awesomely clean and very healthy.

Ok, so we are not going to drink wine with every meal…but we should follow their healthy eating diet which includes:

lots of pulses and greens
some fruits and veg
protein from eggs and cheese and meat a few times per week
and NO SUGAR. Just date sugar once in a while.

And of course, they were hard working people, so burning calories every day helped keep their hearts strong.

Of course, the Romans had dieting tricks too; they involved vomiting and purging, bathing in hot salt water on an empty stomach, a hard bed in Summer and of course lots of worrying.

Not typically weight loss plans I recommend.

So you can see, that for all the postulating the Romans did they probably started the first ever “Eat Clean” craze.

So, now that we know what to eat…how to burn calories and create muscles like the Romans?

Duh..Boot Camp of course.

The 8 week Summer Bogo is the fastest way to become a greek goddess….or maybe just a Durham Region Goddess….

And just like constellations they created….you will miss this offer if you wait around.

Go here to read more;

And remember folks: Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Misty “has all the jokes” Mozejko

PS: Eating clean is what we love and your nutritionist will be able to steer you towards your own personalized eat clean plan. Just another perk of Boot Cam

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