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Did this one thing make me obese?

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I was 18 years old and sat in my Psychology lecture.

I was on another diet and I was starving.

The class was silent. The only sound to be heard was 100 students scribbling in their multiple choice answers on the answer card they had been given.

I was trying to pay attention to the quiz in front of me but I was just so hungry. My stomach just kept gurgling and rumbling. And, at first, I was the only one that could hear them.

I could feel the hunger pangs and hear the rumble of discontent…but, as the time progressed my stomach went from innocent grumblings into a very loud and vocal protest.

During the silence of one hundred studying students, my stomach suddenly let loose the most rip-roaring and guttural gurgle that was so loud, several students heads shot up and turned to eye me with surprise.

I was so, so sooooo embarrassed. Those judging eyes made my cheeks flush red and sweat beaded on my upper lip. Anxiety rose and I knew I had to leave.

I didn't even finish the quiz, I just stood up and left.

And, as my stomach continued to voice it's concerns over the lack of food…I ran swiftly out of the lecture hall.

This incident left a very deep cut. I don't even really know why. I mean after all, it was only a stomach grumble.

But the embarrassment of being stared at and the inability to stop the noise from happening actually created a fear of being hungry. I never ever wanted to be in that situation again, so I ensured that I was never that hungry ever again.

And well….we all know how that ended up.

No, I don't think this single fear led to me becoming obese but it was part of the tapestry of my life for sure. And, as a way of facing that fear head on…I now have days where I fast and become at peace with the hunger (more on fasting later, we have an entire challenge coming based on it).

Anyway, understanding memories like these will help you pinpoint your fears around food, fitness and weight loss and see, once you know what fears are stopping you, you will be free to release the weight or move up to the next tier of fitness.

It's funny, but we have all the answers inside ourselves.

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