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Did you hear about the latest way to lose fat?

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It’s a pill.

No wait, it’s a potion.

Ooops, my bad, it’s actually this crazy new invention from Switzerland which literally sucks the fat through your nose. It’s amazing…and so far…only a 10% fatality rate!

I know I harp on about quick fixes a lot…and it’s because they really get under my skin.

See, a quick fix might work in the short term.

But what ends up happening longterm is disastrous.

We all know that when you do a fad diet you gain it back ….and then some.

BUT…what about what happens to your confidence?

It plummets.

What happens to your self esteem?

It hits rock bottom.

What happens in your self-belief?

Crashes out.

Because after 3 weeks of intense, calorie deficient dieting you of course will lose weight.

But then, when the metabolism slows, your body goes into stress mode and your need for a carb creeps back in…you gain it all back.

And you start to think that you are a worthless human being who can’t get anything right.

You are clearly just weak willed, lazy and useless and destined to be fat forever <<<< oh purrrr-lease BUT LISTEN TO ME…. These feelings were all pre-designed to happen when you joined that “fast fix” diet. So just stop. Find somewhere that you can commit too you for the long game. For 12 months..or maybe 18. Just let yourself take the time to really get those results. Because trust me, it takes a while to get there, but when you do….the results last forever. Looking for a 2 week test drive? Hit reply and we will sort it out. Talk soon Misty “STOP! In the name of love” Mozejko PS: Last thought for the day…don’t tell yourself you “should” be able to do this on your own because it’s time you realized that everyone needs help when it comes to getting fit and healthy. Unless you are Maybelline, then you are just born with it.

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