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Did you just talk yourself out of a workout?

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Last Wednesday I was watching a boot camp session. Nassi was training I think and it was a really small class. Like 2 people. It was more like personal training if I am being honest.

Anyway, this class was small. It was intimate. It was led by a seasoned personal trainer and the two ladies in classes were totally focused.

They listened to Nassi's instructions and then, without hesitation, they just did what they were told.

And look, I know both these ladies well. They have been members for about a year now. 

Neither lady is a gym rat. Neither lady is a hardcore lifter and neither lady is a hardened boot camper whose life revolves around protein shakes, lifting heavy and drinking a gallon of filtered water a day.

Nope. These ladies are like you and me.

They have 9-5 jobs. They have fiancee's and are planning weddings, family parties and photo shoots.

But, when put these two ladies in a group training session with our high experienced and dedicated trainers like Nassi, Natalie, Andrew and the rest of our team you cannot help but be in the zone.

You will be that dedicated boot camper. You will concentrate intensely on your workout. You will push yourself, sweat, grunt and groan.

That's the benefit to having a personal trainer you see.

When a personal trainer tells you to do something, you just do it. You don't question it. You don't try to negotiate. You don't barter like you do with your home workout or gym session. You know I am talking about: "Ok, i'll do 12 reps….oh, this is hard….i'll do 10 reps…oh god I hate these…ok, i'll do 6 reps and then call it day. Maybe i'll just stretch for the rest of my workout. Oh wait, was that my email dinging…I should check that. I can finish the other 4 reps off in a bit…"

And so on and so forth.

You will do anything to NOT workout if YOU are the one pushing yourself to do it.

BUT, if you come to a personal training session or group training session here at 10,000 Strong…well, we take all the arguments and questioning out of the workout.

No if's, and's or but's, you will get in shape no matter what.

So, stop talking yourself out of workouts and just let our trainers develop the workouts and tell you what to do.

It's really simply. Stop making it hard on yourself.

Come try out 14 days of done for you workouts with the GTA's best personal trainers….just grab a 2 week test drive here:

We will do the thinking. You will do the squatting.


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