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diet-dropout creates insane weight loss plan

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I’m the dumbest success story that ever lived:

In my copy writing business, I work with some really intelligent people. They are way smarter than me.

They have multiple degrees, they have incredible corporate resumes, they have built empires from mere crumbs.

These people are intellectually intimidating. I could never, ever pretend to be smarter than them.

I mean, I didn’t go to University. I did two years in a community college where I literally took bowling classes. I was in a walking class when the Twin Towers were hit.

Book smarts are NOT my thing. I can’t add a tip, I can’t recite Edgar Allen Poe and i’m not entirely sure I can tell you the capitals of all 50 states.

I am however, a forever student at The University of People.

I worked in pubs since I was 14, I started traveling the world at 18. I was forced to meet people, make friends, fit in.

I understand people. I get them. I know what each and every single person wants. I know how to dig around and pull out their passions, their grief, their motivation.

With one well placed question, I can help you define your inspiration and passions.

I can do all of this, but I cannot recite my 8 times table.

But that’s a-ok.

Because it’s important you play to your strengths. Focus on what makes you amazing. Revel in your very unique abilities and stop worrying about being better than everyone else.

I’m the dumbest success story that ever lived..which means you can outshine me any day of the week.

In fact, I want you to outshine me. I want you to have massive success which is why I developed our internationally acclaimed weight loss program called The Hour Glass Fast.

Success makers from the world over have done this program both online and in the studio and they simply couldn’t believe the results.

We are talking 13 pounds melted in just 3 weeks. We are talking about stubbon belly fat vanishing in 21 days.

One lady has been trying to shift weight for years on an calorie depreivation diet got rid of 6 pounds in a week on this plan!

Be warned tho, this plan is only for those who really need to lose weight and who are ready to give me 21 days to do so.

Is that you? Click here is you’re ready:

Misty RHN
Founder of 10,000 Strong

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