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I want to titillate you this Tuesday morning…I mean, the freezing rain outside is leaving a slippery layer of chaos on our city…so I think i’ll warm up your inbox..

..Have you ever had a Core-gasm?

A core-gasm is basically an exercise induced orgasm. For example…hanging from a pull up bar with your legs out straight at 90 degrees with scissor legs…

>>>> Core-gasm.

 After “much research”, I found out that the position of the pelvic floor plus the contractions caused by the scissor action of the leg…well…it can bring a whole new “workout high” your way.

Not bad eh? I mean, wouldn't you workout more if this was one of the end results…?

Your glow won’t just come from those deep squats ya know…

Now look, I cannot promise that after every workout at 10,000 Strong you’ll need a PC cigarette…but I can promise that either way, your skin will glow.

Your smile will reach from ear to ear. You will feel satisfied and you will have a sweaty brow.

The fact is that while exercise of course will build you a lean sexy body and our meal plans will burn fat off your body with each bite…

..but let’s be honest:

lot’s of us, while we want the hot bod, also really,really want ALL the OTHER benefits of working out.

We want to fit in our clothes better, we want to smile more, we want a fitness support system, we want to stay motivated, we want to sweat, we want a high self-esteem, we want less depression…

Yes, of course we want less blubber…but, after speaking with many you, we all just want..


And guess what, that’s our jam here at 10,000 Strong.

I’m not here to force you into a Bikini in three weeks, but I am here to provide you every dam thing you need to feel like a million bucks…

…and now, if even told you how to add an awesome little “extra” to your workouts, should you want to give it a try.

Always here to help folks.

Ok, you can grab a 2 week test drive here…it’s only $29, but it gives you full access to the studio so you can start feeling better NOW.

What say you? >>>

Till tomorrow folks 🙂

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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