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Do you even know your raison d’etre?

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What were you doing 4 years ago? How old were the kids? Was your doggo just a pupper at that time?

4 years changes everything ya know. Your universe can collapse and a whole new one form. Your world can turn upside down and what you once thought was your life “forever” is nothing but a memory.

4 years ago, 10,000 Strong boot camp sessions were conducted in my local park. There was no studio. There was no equipment.

Just trainers, in a field, doing what they do best.

And, living in Canada, sessions took place no matter if fit was -40 or + 40.

We’ve lunged across football fields with blizzards so strong you couldn’t see the other side…

It was pretty hard core.

But, 4 years ago, when 10,000 Strong was nothing but a twinkle in my eye and a passion in my soul I knew that one day, we would be great.

And so l kept pushing forward.

I moved cities, I got divorced. I suffered extreme stress…but all these personal things didn’t affect our mission.

They didn’t affect my raison d’etre

And so, today 10,000 Strong sits pretty on Whitby’s main retail drag, we offer a state of the art studio, 8 totally OVER ACHIEVING trainers, over 100 kick ass supportive members…


Durham Regions only TRUE nutrition and HIIT training centre.

And we are not done yet ya know 😉

So, the reason I spin this tale today is NOT to brag, but to remind you that success comes in baby steps.

It comes one workout at a time. It comes one nutritious meal at a time. One barrier smashed at a time. No matter what happens in life, you must keep moving forward with your passions and goals.

Don’t get derailed.

Don’t get side tracked.

Keep pushing forward with your plan and stay the course.

Part of the reason we offer long term membership is because weight loss over 30 takes a lot longer than many people want to acknowledgee. I am aware of how long it’s going to take and thus I offer a life-long solution and a program that will be there for you every step of the way.

So avoid flash in the pan gyms and fads and let me and my team become part of your life. Let us be the ones to reign you back in when life tries to distract you…

Start with our Hour Glass Fast program and not only will you get instant results, but you’ll see exactly why people call 10,000 Strong “a lifechanging program”.

Grab your Hour Glass Fast program here:

See you on Monday!

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong

Misty RHN
Founder of 10,000 Strong

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