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Does this Selfie Make Me Look Fat?

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They say that taking copious amounts of selfies is linked to mental disorders…

Like what? Delusions of Grandeur? Ego Elephantitus? I dunno..I don’t really care about Facebook psychiatrists anyway…but there is one thing I do know about selfies..

They make us super critical of our appearance, our weight, our angles…

I mean, we never just take 1 selfie, look at it and think to ourselves “yeh, I look AWESOME in this pic”….

We take 10, hum and har over them for 30 minutes, narrow it down to the top 3, slap a filter on and then pick ONE to jimmy up in Face Tune.
(Face Tune is an app that magically smoothes away wrinkles and bags….it’s botox without the needles).

And why do we go to such lengths? Are we *that* afraid to show our real beauty? Are we that insecure that we need to present a “prettier” version of ourselves or are we all just trying to keep up with the Kardashians?

You’ve heard it before…but I’ll say it again.

Beauty is not your face, your eyes, your lips or your eye brows….beauty comes from with in.

You cannot Face Tune real beauty because it’s not a “thing”. It’s an energy.

The way you walk into a room, the way you laugh, the confidence you exude…that’s beauty.

Ok, so, that’s all well and good, but where does one acquire said energy? It’s not like they sell it at Shoppers…?!

Ahhh…well that’s where we come in.

If you clean up your body with our nutritionists 3 stage detox, cleanse and maintenance system and if you have our personal trainers design workouts designed to trim hips and burn off belly fat….

Then I know you will feel stronger, more confident and happier.

When your clothes fit perfectly, and your jeans aren’t tight, you will start to exude a natural sexiness. Your eyebrows could be straight caterpillars, but you’ll feel sexier than ever before.

Why? Because your body feels good….from the inside. You are not trying to plaster over all the things you hate, not trying to smooth out wrinkles and bags…

You’ll just be happy with your toned body and natural energy.

You’ll be beautiful inside and out.

As with everything good in life, quick fixes are not going to work…. but you DO deserve to take some time to treat yourself right?

Andrew has some 2 week test drives and I think you should take one. You can get started on feeling sexy and confident.

Read more about joining us for 2 weeks here:

Chew it over and let us know what you think.

Until next time…no more Face Tune

Misty “inner beauty on fleek” Mozejko

PS: Stay tuned, in just a couple of weeks we are unveiling our January program. With over 100 participants last year, we were completely oversold. You can join us 🙂

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