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dog-chase-tail weight loss fail

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She hated working out. Just the thought of dragging her ass to the gym hung like a rain cloud over her entire work day.

She'd get caught up in a project for a few minutes and then BAM, she'd remember the morning promise she made to herself to go to the gym after work. Her bad mood would then return a vengeance. 

She hated working out. Forcing herself to NOT shut down the elliptical after 10 excruciating minutes, forcing herself to get through all three sets of the worlds most boring bicep curls. Forcing herself to hold that plank until her stomach fat shook like Jello on a plate.

People stared at her at the gym. It's like they could see her insecurities and feel her failure. She knew their condescending looks spanned her entire frame. She could see them judging her for getting fat. She could feel their disgust at her cellulite. She knew they mocked her as she panted like a emphysema patient on the treadmill……

"Julie. …Earth calling Julie….Have you handed in those reports yet?"

Suddenly Julie snapped out of her day-dream and was forced to focus on her skinny co-worker who stood there at the corner of her cubicle, impatiently holding her hand out waiting for the reports Julie should have been working on instead of day-shaming herself.

Sheepishly Julie asked for 10 more minutes and quickly shoved her self-disgust to the back of her brain. She needed to focus on her work and get it done, but she knew as soon as she stopped working….she would quickly go back to dreading her post-work workout. 


Another dive into the non-fiction today. Well, I can't say it's completely non-fiction. It's like semi-fiction because I know some of you actually do feel this way. 

I know the dread you feel when you plan your gym sessions, I also know the sweet relief you feel when something comes up and your gym session simply *must* be cancelled.

I also know the guilt that quickly encompasses you when you realized you failed, once again, to use that membership you pay for every 2 weeks.

So, you know that you can get off this merry-go-round of self-loathing anytime you want, right?

You know you can stop this negative cycle whenever you choose.

And no, I'm not going to share some mental hack which will fix your gym-blues forever.


I'm just going to remind you that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

And so, if you are trapped in this dog-chase-tail scenario, it's time to break free.

Now, even if you have a membership elsewhere, you can still try us out for 2 weeks and break free from the mundane.

Our 2 week test drive has been called "a ticket to freedom" by many and now, possibly by you too. 

Whadyya say?  >>>>

Ok Jools, your time is now.

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