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Don’t spend your life getting ready

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One of the things I am taught as an entrepreneur and business owner is:

Never wait until you are ready before launching a new program or new business.

If you wait, if you spend too much time questioning, planning, preparing and over-focusing on the details…well…you’ll never ever get to launch.

And…I think this is also true with health and wellness.

We spend so much time thinking about getting slimmer, figuring out how to get stronger and planning the perfect time to do it…that we end of putting our health on hold until we feel that:


The timing is right

The program fits my life

The food looks good

I feel better

I’m more motivated

The price is right


And the list goes on.

But you see, the ONLY way to get results is to do SOMETHING.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be the thing you are going to do FOREVER. It doesn’t have fit your lifestyle perfectly…

…but it does have to be the thing that get’s you closer to your end goals.

Don’t spend your life getting ready and then FAIL to pull the trigger…

…In the time that you spend planning, prepping, researching and getting ready….you could have achieved your goals already.

Stop making it harder than it is.

If you are looking to get started TODAY and feel that you need a program to follow that will put you on the right path then you should click the below link to purchase a 2 week test drive…

…I know you don’t FEEL ready…but no-one ever is:


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