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Don’t you love when people tell you your job?

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Ever had someone tell you how to do your job?

My ex-husband is a mechanic and he would get people telling him all the time what they thought was wrong with the car.

Like they had any idea at all…

They would tell him that “it’s making this kinda of whirring, screechy, banging noise and when I go around the corner it get worse and so I think it’s probably a heat shield”….or something else totally random and useless.

As a Nutritionist, people tell me all the time how to do my job.

They try to de-bunk my programs.

For some reason, having NOT gone to school, having NOT lost 120 lbs and having NOT helped 1000’s of people lose weight and feel insanely energetic, they think they have more authority on the matter than me!

Take for example our ridiculously successful 19 Day Detox in January.

With around 100 people signed up and more earth shattering testimonials than I could shake a stick at….I STILL had people tell me how dangerous Detox’s were and how bad they are for your health.

But they don’t know Misty!

They don’t know that all my detox’s come with a clean eating plan.

They don’t know that my juice cleanse consists of 10-15 different juices to ensure everyone gets enough calories, fat and nutrients to heal the body.

They don’t know that I’m not the next Dr Oz, pushing the latest weight loss pill.

I wish they would do their due diligence first BEFORE dissing my program.

But hey…their loss, our gain!

Just to show the haters how we roll, we are doing it again! And this time it will be in more amazing.

Our 12 Day Clean Slate Detox is just around the corner and you gotta pre-register here to get on the list.

Got a friend who thinks detoxing is BS…good…bring them along so we can reeducate them 😉

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Misty “the more successful you are, the more haters you have” Mozejko

PS: During our last detox, member Nicki was able to say goodbye to blood pressure medication and came away with a flat stomach. It can be done, you just have to follow the plan!

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