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Down To The Wire…just 3 hours left.

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OK, I talked with Katie, the one who is making sure all our detox-ers have everything they need for tomorrows 19 days of weight loss, cleansing and work outs (including meal plan, nutritional analysis questionnaire and of course access to the private online support program)…

and…she has agreed to work a little later tonight..this mean you only have 3 hours left to sign up for the 19 Day Detox. A super short, super focused and super manageable total body over haul.

Yes, we will have to rush things through for you – but that’s ok.

Yes, we will have to get you all set up with your meal plan and grocery lists tonight – but that’s ok.

And Yes, and instead of drinking that bottle of wine tonight and dipping that great big hunk of bread into the cheese fondue… you will have to get yourself prepped and ready to start the most life changing weight loss program you will ever experience.

And really, we are 3 weeks out from the most indulgent, frantic and costly time of the year, so the timing couldn’t be better.

Lets break it out:

The 19 Day Detox is a 19 day juicing and fat loss meal plan combined with our HIIT training classes at the studio which designed for weight loss, digestive system repair, de-bloating and metabolic boost.

Bonuses include:

– unlimited training schedule – over 40 fitness classes a week to choose from
– access to your private support system in our members Facebook group and email series
– complete nutritional analysis that shows you exactly which organs have been healed
– a body fat and weight loss analysis to see how much weight and bloating has been lost
– a goal setting meeting with Coach Andrew to figure out how to continue this lifestyle
– a short term, super focussed program that promises to change your life…forever
– the ONLY way to come into bootcamp on a limited time membership
– access to the most experienced trainers in the Region

Ok, so your next stop is to head to the website so you can read more, or simply sign up:

You still have time and well…what are you waiting for?

We can’t wait to do this with you – I promise this will change your life.

Talk soon

Misty “never the same again” Mozejko

PS: Check out this detox testimonial from last year:

“Misty – I loved the detox!! I never, ever felt hungry. I never had the desire to reach for my “go to” snack food – the junk! The crackers, chips and chocolate! Never!! What an eye opener that is for me. Eating properly can curb my cravings. I thought I was a healthy eater but now I have the tools to choose foods that prevent cravings. Actually, when the 19 days were over, I craved juice and want that instead of my morning coffee. I will definitely continue to juice.
I didn’t need to lose weight but easily lost a few pounds, more significant for me was the percent body fat I lost. Now I can work on toning and building more muscle mass.
Feeling great!!”

Oh and check out what Sharon just sent in:

“I am a convert! This is the best work-out program EVER and I’m so incredibly happy with my results. I feel good and feel like I look good and that has given me a new confidence. Thanks for doing what you do and providing what you provide. You have the best trainers, and I have a new family that I look forward to seeing at least 5 times a week.”

C’mon….don’t you want to feel this amazing?

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