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Dr Phil At 10000 Strong Boot Camp ;)

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I had this great meeting with Dr Phil today….

Not the actual Dr Phil….from Oprah. No, BETTER! This Dr Phil works directly with weight loss resistance and he has something for you….SA-WEET

Did you even know Whitby has it’s very own Dr Phil? Yeh he works at Wellness Connection and is a Hormone MASTER.

You see the thing that is, women run into is these pesky little things called Hormones and those little buggers make it really bloody hard to lose weight.

No like really…impossible!

You might eat really well, you might workout every day and yet…you can’t lose a pound. It’s so depressing and demotivating…trust me, i’m stuck in a Hormone Hell right now…but, now that I KNOW this is the problem…I can address it.

And so, I have decided that this problem is RIFE in Whitby and Oshawa so I have convinced Dr Phil to come an do a Hormone Reset Seminar for us…

In this 30 minute FREE seminar, you are going to learn how to over come “weight loss resistance” and which specific hormones fixes you can apply immediately to get some relief with your weight loss woes.

Dr Phil is going to explain exactly why your body is holding onto your fat and which 2 little secret Hunger Hormones you can reset to flip the switch on your fat loss goals.

Now look, this is free seminar at the studio…and trust me when I say Dr Phil is a tremendously enigmatic public speaker and so I know this event will sell out.

You MUST register for this event and the link is below…This event is open to all members, non-members and all our current 21 day challengers.

Dr Phil’s Hormone Reset Seminar will take place on April 27th at 7pm at the studio. It’s in between our 6:20pm class and our 7:30pm classes so stay for a class if you want!

Ok, here is the link to register…we will sell out quickly:

Knowledge is power my friends….sign up NOW

Misty RHN
Hormone Diva
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