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Dumbest way to ruin a good thing.

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I’dropped my iPhone on the floor yesterday and so I decided to take my heel and smash up the rest of it. After all, i’d already dropped it so I might as well finish it off and totally destroy it..right?


If you drop your phone, you pick it back up, dust it off, deal with the cracks or simply replace the screen. You don’t just trash it and walk away.

Sadly tho, so many people treat fitness routines in this exact same manner.

They missed a few sessions at boot camp and then they decide to completely trash the rest of the week. Or month. Or year.

3 missed sessions and they feel like they have to start all over at square one again and welll….who wants to do that?

A week off working out and they simply decide that they will never return and they wash their hands of the entire thing.

But look.

Working out and eating well is not an ALL OR NOTHING situation.

You should never be ALL IN or ALL OUT because neither is sustainable, practical or effective.

Some weeks are going to allow you 1 workout and some will allow you 5. But just because you had to skip a few on the busy week doesn’t mean you just sack off the entire thing.

Dudes..I’m in the same boat. 

This week and last I was able to get 1 Muay Thai workout in per week. And trust me, in Muay Thai you need way more than one workout per week…

…but what am I going to do? I have a busy travel schedule and lots of clients to fit in, so hey, i’ll simply have to be satisfied with one per week.

It certainly doesn’t mean that I should just chuck in the towel at Muay Thai tho. It doesn’t mean that I simply say:

"fugk it, this isn’t working cancel my membership".

If I average out my classes over the course of my membership I bet I will see that even through I had a couple of weeks with just one class, ON AVERAGE I was there three times per week.

And, that consistency of three times per week OVER THE LONG HAUL is what is needed for change.

You gotta understand that changing your body TAKES A LONG TIME.

Not 5 day days. Not 2 weeks. Not a month.

It takes months. It takes years.

So if you screw up one week, even 2…it’s not gonna matter if you strive for consistency the rest of the time.

You should get started now on that long term plan and creating a consistent workout routine that fits in with the ebb and flow of your crazy life.

Our 40 classes a week will make it easy to get super consistent with your health regime and I have a 3 week program specially designed with a weight-loss meal plan too…

You’ve done enough waiting, time to knuckle down.

Misty RHN
Founder of 10,000 Strong

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