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Eating yourself into despair.

In: fitness

It was a cold, dreary, windy November evening. Jen was dozing on the couch. Her headache was just setting in and she was feeling exceptionally sluggish.

She had totally planned on going to the gym, but as she snuggled down into her microfibre blanket, and closed her eyes she knew that was going to bail on her workout…again.

She just couldn’t get her shit together. And, if she was being honest with herself, she had been missing her workouts for the last 2 weeks. It was just something about the weather, the Christmas cheer and those dark nights that sucked every last bit of motivation from her severely depleted stores.

As she lay on the couch she did a mental check list of the food in the house and to her disgust she realized the  freezer was full of frozen appetizers and perogies and there wasn’t a single fresh vegetable in the house. It looked like another of throwing meals together and living on cereal and toast.

Ugh. She hated herself.

She wished she just had a personal chef like Oprah…

…well, ok, she did’t have the money for that so instead she just wished she could have someone tell her exactly what to eat for the next 4 weeks. She knew without a little help she was going to slide into a pool of eggnog and Turtles and she may not make it out alive…’

If she just had an easy plan to follow for a little while she could haul herself of her motivation slump….


Well guess what Jen.

Today only, I have all my done for you fat loss menu plans on sale for $7.

I have the 6 week meal plans on sale at 90% off, I have the one week plans on for $7.

Cyber Monday happens just once a year so you might as well make it count and snap up all of the diet books I have to offer.

I lost 120 pounds ya know….and I DIDN’T eat rabbit food to get there so you rest assured these meal plans are perfect for your goals, your family and your motivation.

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