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Embarrassing Overshare Inside.

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I share tonnes openly in an effort to inspire others.

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I believe in honesty at all times so to find things that people may not know about me was hard….but here goes:

1 – I can be completely, overwhelmingly and mind-numbingly scatter brained. I leave my straighteners on, doors unlocked, cucumbers in the cutlery draw and don’t ask me to find my keys.

2 – I am obsessed with weather. I love storms, snow, ice, thunder and the power of nature. I have the weather app on my computer. It’s flashing at me right now as there is a possible thunderstorm brewing. It makes me excited.

3 – I am reallllllllllly bad at math. No. You have no idea. It’s like math was invented to make me feel stupid. I freeze like a deer in the headlights when I have to figure out the tip on a bill, or make a quick addition at work.

4 – I have a totally irrational fear of toilet cisterns. I cannot touch them, put my had in them or fix the inner workings. My brain believes it’s as close to putting your hand in a dirty toilet as I would ever get…..yeh…totally weird.

5 – Up until last year, I still got $5 pocket money every week from my mom in the UK. No jokes. I would let it build up and then go buy something nice for myself. I finally cut the cord last Summer – lol. My mom agreed it was probably time too 🙂

So….way too much of an overshare….

But again…it’s fun to get to know people.

See that everyone has weird habits and fears 🙂

One big weird habit I hear ALL the time is that people HATE being sweaty. Like it physically makes them feel gross and uncomfortable.

But see the thing is, the body LOVES sweating. It’s like cleaning out the pipes, flushing out the system.

When you sweat, you are helping your body clear toxins and it makes your immune system stronger…your body loves and NEEDS to sweat it out.

So while you may think it’s gross and smelly, WE EMBRACE THE SWEAT.

I have had my hands on more sweaty bodies in my 10 years in the fitness industry than I could count (but my immune system is as strong an ox 😉

Anyway, a little bit of sweat never killed anyone and hey…your sweat patches are a mark of honour in our studio…

…sweat on sweaters.

You can get your sweat on in over 80 unlimited classes in a 2 week test drive of our studio. You’ll see sweaty trainers, sweaty members…you’ll even see me, post workout, dripping at my desk as I talk to clients.

Get your sweat on and feel truly amazing.

Talk soon
Misty RHN

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