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Ex-Partier Turned PT Needs Help.

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You know, I run a fitness business (and have done for 10 years) and I STILL need accountability to ensure I get my workouts in.

You’d think that I would be bursting with self-motivation…you’d think i’d be running to the studio to get my workouts in. Ahhhh >>> think again.

Just like you, I need a little help from my friends. I need a trainer, I need to be held accountable.

Remember, I come from a place of smoking and drinking and eating take-out indian food. I was never naturally sporty and I used every excuse in the book to get out of cross country running.

The difference now is that I have invested heavily into my health and education. It’s not that I suddenly had this revelation and the workout Gods chose ME to inspire the nation.

Nah, I just learned more about my body, about my health. I figure out how strong I was, I figured out how mentally tough I actually was.

And I think fitness is NOT just strength, it’s about mental toughness too. It’s about having the confidence that your body can do the things you ask of it.

And, I will admit to needed my support group at 10000 Strong to keep me going. I need my trainer, I need my nutritionist and I need my fit friends to keep me inline.

Because no man is an island.

Now, I mentioned the other day that I am going back to my roots and bringing Personal Training back on the table. It’s where I started in the industry and I it’s a massively effective tool for getting people back on track in a non-judgemental, one on one, mass accountability setting.

I have a sale on right now for personal training, so if you have even considered it, do it now while you can save $150.

Now look, I haven’t put the personal training page on the website yet…but it’s coming. And when I open that up, it’s going to fill up quick.

So, if you want try one on one sessions for a little while, you gotta let me know.

Just hit reply on this email and we can chat and set up a free meet and greet 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Misty “I get by with a little help from my friends” Mozejko

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