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Exactly why that 10 pounds comes back.

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What if you just focused on doing ONE thing.

What if, instead of chopping and changing your weight loss approach every 6 months, you just did one, proven system for 18?

What if, instead of restarting your weight loss program over and over and over again…you just kept going. You didn’t get bored, you didn’t plateau and you always saw results?

Hmmm..that would be great…right?

Yeh. it would.

Which is why at 10000 Strong we ONLY offer lifetime solutions. I am not interested in helping you lose 25 pounds only to have you put it all back on again.

I don’t care about quick fixes.

I want you to lose weight slowly and steadily. I want you to see your strength increase week by week.

I want your body fat to go down every month.

WHY? Because when you lose weight at a moderate pace, you won’t put it back on again later.

WHY? Because when you lose weight too fast, your metabolism doesn’t have to figure out what the hell is going on and so when you come off your 800 calorie, no workout, inject my stomach diet, (yeh, you know which one i’m hating on), and you start eating real foods again…you put all that weight back on because the metabolism was so slow (due to the starvation part of your plan) that when it came to eating normally again…you couldn’t burn off the calories you were ingesting.

If you crash diet, you don’t give your metabolism and BRAIN enough time to adjust. All you are doing is cutting calories which SLOWS down the metabolism and thus burns less calories.

It’s a downward spiral.

So, this is why you need to chill out a little, stop running for the band aid solution and just listen to Misty.

If you can be a little bit patient, be consistent and get yourself into a workout program and nutrition program that will not only make you strong, but heal the body and show you want to eat…well, guess who is going to achieve their goals?

And what’s more, this weight loss is forever. So, wouldn’t you prefer to spend a little more time in a weight loss program to get results that last a lifetime?

Yes. You would.

You can start for just $29. In fact, the first 2 weeks are no-obligation. You can try it out, see what I am talking about, and then when you fall in love with our trainers, our studio and our program…we can get you started on your long term weight loss plan.

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