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Experimental Rats Waiting For Weight Loss FIx.

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You should definitely count calories.

No wait…you should eat low fat.

Um…ok, you should also not eat carbs.

You should eat primal, paleo, pesceatarian.

You should never eat corn or carrots because they make you fat….but go ahead and knock back those Hydroxycut pills…who needs a liver anyway?

Ok, I know that losing weight has become somewhat of a labyrinth and that somehow Big Pharma and Photoshop have made actually attaining a healthy body extremely confusing and frustrating…

….but while the rest of the world tries to baffle you with their bull shit, while "wellness" companies try to come up with the next insane diet fad….

…I am going to sit back and watch the entire world scurry around like rats in a laboratory rat park. 

There is nothing more to weight loss than good food and 30 minutes of exercise most days,

Don't drink crap, don't eat crap and don't laze around like a piece of crap and guess what….all your weight loss woes will be fixed.

So why is it so hard? Why can't we just go back to nature and eat clean?

Because, my dear reader, you do not have time to think, breathe or even react most days. Your busy life has taken control over your health.

So guess what? 

You don't have to think about HOW you are going to lose weight, eat clean and workout more. No.

I will do all that for you.

I have that entire system sorted out. I pay trainers to make sure YOU workout consistently and I pay weight loss coaches to ensure YOU have a day to day plan for what goes in your mouth.

Trust me, it's not cheap paying all these people to help you out….but I do it because some woman has to stand up, cut through all the bull shit, and just offer an honest to goodness program that will actually get you results.

A program that you DO NOT NEED TO THINK ABOUT…you just have to show up, check in with your trainer and new fit friends and do as you are told.

It's very very very easy.

try it for 2 weeks and see just how easy my bootcamp is:

Let me just take care of the details while you enjoy the results.

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong.


1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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