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Extreme self-image issues.

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I've been told I have walls.

Big, thick, high walls.

Protective walls.

I've been told I hide behind these walls and use these walls to keep people out.

More than one person has asked me to come out from behind my walls, let down my guard and let the world in.

Let the love in.

Relinquish my distrust, let go of my skepticism.

They've asked me to stop repelling what they say. They've asked me to believe what is written.

But changing your ways is hard. Changing your beliefs is hard.

Going against everything you believe feels backwards and how can you do anything that feels so fundamentally wrong?

And while I know that I am talking about deeper and darker stuff than say working 
out, eating clean and taking your vitamins….it's actually really relevant.

You see if you are like me and have suffered from extreme self-image issues, then coming to a boot camp like mine is going to feel very, very wrong. 

Putting yourself out there, venturing beyond the walls of protection is going to cause massive anxiety. 

In your head, you have already decided that Misty's group fitness class is "not for you".

It's not "your thing".

But, I'm here to ask you to consider it. Just let me take down a few bricks from your wall so you can peek your head out and see what I mean.

If you can come and try it out then you'll see that 10,000 Strong becomes a safe space. A place that is allowed inside those walls. A place of protection and trust.

I've had to let my walls down in order to let new experiences in and it is TERRIFYING. But, if I was just able to put out the trust, I found that most of the time… Everything turned out just fine.

Can you trust me for 2 weeks?

I hope so

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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