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If you have ever felt fat, frumpy and frazzled while you rummage through your wardrobe for yet another baggy shirt and yoga pant combo I want you to remember this:

It's not about how you look.

It's about how you feel.

Trust me on this.  You look awesome. You look way better than you think you do. People look at you and they see all your beauty (even when you don't)…

The thing is, you don't believe me. You think you look flabby and old. You think that everyone is staring at your thighs/stomach/hips…

But they aren't.

They only see you as a whole. They see your smile and your eyes. They see your curves and your laughter.

They don't judge you based on the circumference of your right thigh.

And so,

because we have no need to obsess over our looks…

….we should obsess over how we feel.

People are more attracted to a confident posture than a wash board stomach.

People notice a magnetic laugh more than they notice a dimple on your ass.

People are attracted to your positive energy more than they care about a few crows feet and a chin crease.

And how do you think you get the posture, the laugh and that positive energy? 

Yeuuup. You workout. You eat well. And you hang out with like-minded, health oriented people at 10,000 Strong.

Stop scrambling to look like everyone else

Just work on feeling like a million dollars and being unique in every way.

Join us:

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