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Fat, broke and health up in smoke.

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Misty: what happens if I am broke, but really hate the gym and simply cannot lose weight on my own?

Hmmm…well, gee. Dontcha know how much a simply love this question?

And, I get this question a lot.

And, I DO NOT have a very nice answer. So, if you are going to be easily offended by my blunt and critical response… away little bunny. Click away.

Ok, if you are still here and are ready to face some of my no-nonsense suggestions face on…lets do this.

First of all. Are you ACTUALLY broke? Are you so hard up that you don’t have money to pay the bills? What about that new outfit you just bought or that iPhone upgrade or maybe the restaurant you guys went to last week?

Uhuh. Yeh. I’m actually sat in Starbucks right now and I can tell you that if you grab a Grande every day, you’ll piss more money down the drain than you will spend on a 10k Strong membership.

Secondly, are you actually broke OR have you prioritized your expenses in such a way that you have left no room for one of our memberships?

 One of my clients ditched her cleaning lady so she could still afford her fees. Now that’s taking health-prioritization to a whole new level.

And lastly, are you really broke OR do you just NOT want to spend $200 a month on your health? 

^^ This is probably where the majority of you all. You would rather spend it on other hobbies, on other toys and on other treats.

Yeh. I see you with your Pandora bracelets and premium lease payments.

So, to the lady that asks me how on earth she is supposed to lose weight when she is so, so, so broke…

…my answer is to take a good hard look at your expenses, your priorities and your hobbies and carve out the $200 you’ll need to join.

And, if that is still out of your reach, then all you need to do is go online to my book-store and grab one of my meal plans that you can simply follow for the next little while. They are super cheap and simply….ah-may-zing.

Now look, if you are thinking that you can find the cash then simply head to the store and grab your 2 week test drive. And, if you are now mad at me for being a bitch, then you too can head to the store and grab one of my meal plans…

Cheap as chips as they say ‘round ‘ere:

Alrighty folks, knock yourselves out. Talk tomorrow,

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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