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Happy Wednesday folks..

..have you worked out this week?

It’s basically half way through the week and so, if you have been found lacking in your workouts, it’s not too late to step it up.

You can still workout tonight and tomorrow, Fri/Sat and Sun.

Thats still 5 more workouts which means you still have the opportunity to train like a beast until the end of the week.

Lucky ducky.

But anyway, let me ask you a real question and please, send me your feed back.

What is the thing that stops you from working out or joining a fitness program?

For me, it was intimidation and a fear of NOT being able to do it.

I was scared of being judged and laughed at.

I don’t like feeling uncomfortable and sweating, grunting and feeling inferior to the other members was too overwhelming.

So overwhelming that I would rather stick my head in the sand than to actually face my fear…
…as it turns out, I was kinda forced into going to my first ever boot camp because all my brand new mommy-friends where going to start a Mom and Baby Boot Camp and if I didn’t join I would miss out on all the gossip.

So I joined because I didn’t want to be left out.

Turns out…It was the best thing I ever did. Even though my 305 pound body couldn’t keep up with the other moms, I never felt excluded.

Anyway, I ask you again…what are the reasons you DON”T workout regularly.

Money? Injury? Fear?

Tell me…i’m interested to know 🙂

If you are actually ready but have been putting it off then I have your next steps right here. You can come and try us out for 2 weeks and see if this is actually your new fitness home 😉

There is no time like the present 😉

Talk tomorrow
Misty RHN
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