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I think right now there are about 30 people at boot camp sweating their way through a Coach Andrew workout.

They will be smiling and laughing and sweating all over the floors.

They won’t be smiling like those women in the ads. Or the posed pictures in the magazines or clip art. They won’t be laughing like that fitness chick in ShutterStock images.


They will be laughing at themselves. They will be groaning with their work out neighbour about how hard Andrew is pushing them.

They will catch the eye of the person across from them and roll them in unison as Andrew makes them do another set.

Internally they will dropping F Bomb’s with every rep, getting mad that they can’t do another push up or cursing the burning in their thighs.

And then, the next second, Coach Andrew will remind them that they are only here for 30 minutes and whatever internal self-chatter is going on, they should push it to the side and focus on being the best they can be for a very short time.

A 30 minute workout, done right, is all you need. I mean of course, I get people telling me that they think it’s too short…like it wouldn’t “be enough”.

To which we all raise our right eyebrow and say “just wait”.

You see, each of my trainers has been mentored by myself. And my philosophy on working out is that “we are here for a good time, not a long time”.

And so, within that 30 minute workout window, there is not ONE SINGLE MINUTE wasted.

There is no chatting between sets. There is no super long cool down and stretch session. There is no lengthy discussion and ego boosting.

Nope. There is only strategically designed workouts that ensure you give as much as you can, in the shortest time possible.

The workouts are designed to give you spikes of cardio training followed by spikes of strength training. You won’t ever do 30 minutes of straight cardio because our goal is to make you stronger.

Conversely, you won’t ever do 30 minutes of straight strength because you need to increase your cardio endurance.

And when you put the both together and train with our incredibly talented trainers…well, you basically have the short cut to your best body ever.

Now, just because the workouts are only 30 minutes doesn’t mean that it’s cheaper though. In fact, I think we are probably one of the most expensive and elite gym’s in the region.

We are expensive though because we change peoples lives. We are expensive because we marry ourselves to your needs and do not let go until you are ready. We are expensive because I throw every single resource at you to ENSURE you stick to the program.

But, for today, you can get a little break on Misty’s Big Bad Expensive Gym 😉

I have $400 off the regular 6 month membership price as well as free access to our Hour Glass Fast weight loss program bonus in January ($200).

Today is the last day FYI.

Don’t dilly dally.


Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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