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Food Addiction Needs Connection NOT Depreviation

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I was watching this really interesting Ted Talk today and the basic premise is that addiction is NOT cured with a 12 step plan but with new connections.

Healing from addiction is not about punishing yourself, it’s about creating a well connected life.

Food addiction is not about deprivation, it’s about creating nourishing flesh and blood bonds that raise you up.

To be fair, the Ted Talk was about drug and alcohol addiction but as I sat and listened, it also applies to food addiction. It also applies to be addicted to laziness. It also applies to self-destruction.

See the thing is, the reason why we become addicted to over eating and over drinking is because we are looking for some way to decrease the stress in our lives. We hate our situation, our job, our family tension or our circumstances so much, any escape is a considered a good escape.

How nice is it to put your stress on mute? How good does it feel to escape the rat race for just a few hours?

When you focus on food and drink and escape into the emotion and sensations that they bring, you no longer have to think about your stressors.

And so, the bigger the stress the more likely you are to be addicted to food and drink as your body scrambles to get you as far away from your life as possible.

Your body is simply searching for a way out, an escape hatch and some sweet relief.

And then, after 6 months, we realize our clothes no longer fit. We realize we get winded easily and that our core muscles have left the building. What was once hard is now soft and squishy and we start to feel really disgusting and flabby.

Our society dictates that if you have extra fat then you must be punished. You must eat celery, you must deprive your stomachs, you must endure gruelling 2 hour workouts and never eat a piece of bread ever again.

The general opinion is that you have failed and now you must reap the consequences.

Well…we all know this isn’t a sustainable approach.

And in fact, the one thing we must avoid is solitary hell and punishment programs.

What we need to do is make our lives better. We need to bond with like minded people, we need to form connections with those who appreciate us.

We need to be plunged into an arena where we are respected, loved and cared for. We don’t need more punishment!! We need to be around people that fill the really large holes in our hearts.

And this, my friends, is the very reason 10,000 Strong Boot Camp thrives. This is my mission for 10,000 Strong. This is not punishment for your food addiction, this is a place to repair the broken parts of your life.

Our next 21 day fitness and nutrition challenge is around the corner and so, if you are feeling like you have some holes to mend, some addictions to release and you need a new set of connections to help you conquer the downward spiral you have been stuck in…
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