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Free 6 week challenge

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You can do this challenge at home for free or join us for 2 weeks of boot camp ($29) as well.

The reason this challenge is free is because it includes just 1 thing.

If you did this one thing I will explain below, you would feel instantly better.

This thing is so simple.

This thing is so easy.

This thing will create such amazing results and what's more….it's free…..

But you probably won't do it.

You will probably tell me you will. Maybe you'll even do it for a few days. Maybe you will do it for a week.

But the thing is…you have to do this thing for 6 whole weeks. Yep. If you started today. You wouldn't get your groove until the end of September.

So what is this thing?

Well. It's water.

3 litres per day or pure water.

NO less. Maybe a little more if you weigh over 200 pounds.

But yeh. 3 litres of water to get rid of bloating, 3 litres of water to shed weight. 3 litres of water to clear your skin and energize your body.

3 litres.

But why 6 weeks?

Well, after 6 weeks, you will stop peeing like a race horse. You won't have to go every 30 minutes any more. 6 weeks and your body will acclimate to the new influx of water and instead of peeing it out, you will use it.


Can you do it? You can really do it? You can make a promise that you will drink more and more and more each day?

If you are currently surrounded by very unhealthy people…starting new habits like this are harder. You need to be surrounded by like-minded, water guzzling, healthy people. It becomes way easier when you have people encouraging you and when you are surrounded by role models.

So if you want to take this 6 week challenge at home, please do so. I bet you will have even better results if you joined us for 2 weeks of boot camp as well.

Grab your  2 weeks of boot camp here and get to sipping:

Drink up matey's – and stay the course.

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong


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Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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