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Get Your Hate On….and LOVE IT.

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So look, when I left my husband I was the one that moved out of the family home. I was the one that packed up, rented a condo with my son and said good bye to a beautiful century home in a very well to do neighbourhood.

But, when you gotta, go you gotta go.

And the condo is fine. I mean, it’s brand new and has things like stainless steel appliances and granite counters. My old home never had these fancy things.

I don’t have to shovel, take out garbage or repair anything at all. The gardens are groomed and my neighbours are a lovely bunch of cotton tops who don’t make noise. It really is a lovely little place, my mum even kitted it out with brand new furnitures and throw rugs.

I can’t complain. And I shouldn’t

But condo living was never in my plan.

Renting was never in my plan.

Both are the exact opposite of what have envisaged at the ripe old age of 36.

And yet here I am

But, as always, there’s a life lesson in here somewhere.

And this time, it’s all about dealing with unrest.

See, I know many of you are stuck. Maybe you are stuck in a body you hate while you try to find a weight loss and nutrition plan that actually fits your lifestyle. Maybe you are stuck in some bad habits that you really need to ditch once and for all. Maybe you are stuck in a circle of friends who want nothing to do with working out and being healthy,

I know…it sucks right now.

But look, maybe you just need a little more time dealing with this unrest before things shift for you.

Maybe that old saying of “ get comfortable being uncomfortable” holds some weight.

Maybe, everything you want is coming, you just have to keep forging ahead.

You just need to keep moving forward with those goals. Look, you have weight loss goals, and maybe you are still 30 pounds overweight and you HATE the extra jiggle….

But as long as you sign up for boot camp and keep going REGARDLESS of the discomfort, you’ll get to your goals.

No matter how pissed off you are with your body, your weight gain, your progress…never, ever throw your hands up and give in. You must keep pressing forward.

In fact, in just 2 weeks you could feel 100% better. You could feel stronger, you could feel slimmer and you could feel confident that you have found a workout and nutrition program that’s going to work…forever.

We offer a 2 week membership here at Whitby Boot Camp. It will totally turn things around for you and for just $29…it’s the most cost effective way to get some instant results.

2 weeks to a new you?

You in?

If so, go here to find out what else you get for $29:

Questions? Just let me know 🙂

Talk soon

Misty “jiggle jailbird” Mozejko

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