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Gimmie the D!

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Phew!! Finally finished the upcoming meal plan book.

It's 26 pages…for a 12 day cleanse. LOTS of planning and step by step shopping lists so NO STONE IS LEFT UNTURNED.

LOL…BUT, I must say, we have outdone ourselves this time.

I have listed out every single meal and every single juice, complete with recipes for each of the 12 days…

There is NO confusion whatsoever as to what you should be eating to get the max amount of fat burning in this 12 days.

I have also listed out each juice that you can juice (or not if you really don't want to buy a juicer) each day to ensure you body is totally fresh for fall.

Summer always does a number on our bodies and so doing a quick and painless cleanse to get rid of the sluggishness and bloating is key. I know some people don't agree but my prerogative is that if we can purify the body, and fill it with SO MUCH GOOD STUFF, then you will have the leanest and most energetic fall ever.

The results you get from this detox will last waaaaaaaay past the 12 days. And, if you keep up with some sort of exercise program….this detox could literally be the turning point in your health you have been looking for.

So, yes, you get to try out our 100% unlimited schedule of fitness classes and yes, you will get a copy of my step by step meal plan and book that we have created JUST for this program…

…and yes. You will feel better than ever before.

Way leaner. 

Way happier.

Way less bloated and frumpy.

This plan the the plan to end of plans..and 50 people are all signed up and ready to go..

Will you join our merry band of fitness friends?

Look here:

Come join us, how can you regret it?

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

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