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So an absolutely lovely, lovely lady joined last night. I know she is super apprehensive about jumping in, but because I know our program has the biggest heart and open arms, I know she will be just fine.

We chatted about some of her fears, which were based along the lines of not being able to keep up which, BTW, is totally not something anyone needs to fear with the workout format at 10,000 Strong..

Anyway we also talked about our 30 minute sessions also being “time for herself”. A time she can have that's just for her, something she does in her day that is 100% focused on improving her health and body.

And I know that some of you would much prefer to sit down and knit, or scrapbook, or drink some wine and call that your YOU TIME…but hear me out:

Your time is precious. It’s very, very valuable. And, because you are such a nice person, you give away this valuable time to your boss, your spouse, your kids and your friends. Everyday you give away your value, your time, your heart and soul…

…and so, if you can make some time for yourself, even if it is just 30 minutes, then you better make sure that you do something that gives you back 10 times more value than you gave away.

You cannot afford to keeping giving your value away and NOT do anything that gives you value back.

Actually, I have a ma-hoooo-sively valuable present for you 🙂 I have 3 weeks of pure value to give BACK to you. 3 weeks of pure YOU TIME. 21 days of building you back up and filling up your bucket.

Yep, our 21 day diet plan along with our unlimited work out sessions is probably the most valuable thing you will do this year. You can use this program to get you started and then, if you love us (which you will) you can stick around and use this sustainable weight loss program to get to all your goals.

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Gotta be in it to win it

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