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So Laurie is a brand new member…she is probably in her first month or so.

She has already lost 15 pounds.

She is already down 5% body fat.

She is already needing some new clothes.

And that is all amazing and fantastic AND whats more, as a boot camp owner, I am supposed to sit here and shove stats, numbers and amazing before and afters down your throat until you show up on my door.

That’s what it’s all about right?

Flogging my members for every testimonials they are worth?

I mean yeh…sure, there are many gyms that operate that way. Many studios who use before and afters to
market their insane results….

And I have done it too.

But here’s the thing.

Laurie has done really fucking well.

She told me that “10,000 Strong has changed her life”. That our workouts are like nothing she has ever done before.

She feels so much better and her numbers on the scales show it.

But here is what I cannot show you in an email: her smile.

I cannot show you her confidence and happiness in a Facebook before and after picture. I can’t tell you the feeling I got from her when she talked about this workout and nutrition program.

I can’t adequately describe this feeling in words. I would do Laurie no justice.

So remember while all those other studios are working on proving they are the best with shock and awe imagery…just remember me over here at 10,000 Strong who is working on making people FEEL happy, FEEL better and FEEL confident.

I am too old and cranky to care about bikini bodies. I do however care about YOU and how YOU feel.

That’s my job.

The ONLY way you can feel this good too is to come on in for a 2 week test drive. I can’t show you happy in a picture, but let me show you happy in my studio.

The minute you grab your trial pass you will be assigned a team to hold your hand. Andrew will get your 2 weeks set up while your ambassador brings you in to meet your new fit friends.

Pretty neat huh?

Buy your $29 mini-membership here:

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