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Groundhog Day syndrome got me feeling like blah

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My alarm clock went off this morning at 5:20 am like it does every day. Yeah I’m an early bird. I never used to get up that early, but since I joined boot camp it’s the best way for me to guarantee I work out every day. Before most people are out of bed I already got my heart pumping and my work out complete.

Today felt different, this morning I felt like I was Bill Murray in one of my favourite movies, Groundhog Day. My alarm plays the same music every morning and it just hit me like a ton of bricks.

I don’t know if you have ever been hit with a ton of bricks, but I can assure you at 5:20 am its no treat.

You see I have been putting in extra work in several areas of my life because I am hopeful to quit my current full time job. I am unfortunately a salary slave and want to work in the fitness industry full time. I want to help people reach their goals and show them that they too can live the healthy lifestyle they truly want.

This morning when that alarm went off I just felt trapped. I felt like here we go again.

I like the getting up to work out part, it’s the other part where I have to commute an hour in the morning to get to my mind numbing job to source pens, t-shirts, hats and lanyards for clients who are for the most part ungrateful.
Most people call it SWAG, I call it crapola.

It is the same shit every day. I pack the same lunch, kiss my wife and tell her I love her, pet my dogs and hop in the car. Now time to battle the people who can’t drive the speed limit to get to my desk and feel like why am I here?

If you feel a little trapped like I do, it may be hard to change your work situation right now, but I can help you spice things up in the meal department.

Are you bored with your current meals throughout the week?

When it comes to meal time do you feel like Bill Murray waking to go see Punxsutawney Phil reveal his pudgy little shadow?

I want to help you change things up in a big way.

It’s called Slim By Sunday: Done For You 7 Day Flat Belly Plan and it will help kick start your weight loss and eliminate those annoying plateaus and reignite your motivation.

Slim By Sunday will help you see less of your own shadow in as little as 7 days.

Check out what one of our current members has to say about Slim By Sunday.

“This meal plan was so easy I actually followed it for 4 weeks. I lost 17 pounds following this program and I plan to keep going!”
Sandra L

Now click this link to grab this awesome book and change up your routine.

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