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Guilt Free Cocktail Recipe (as promised)

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As promised….here is a cheeky little cocktail recipe.

Summer is rounding to a close and well…why not celebrate with the healthiest bloody cocktail on the planet.

Yeh…The Drunken Nutritionist is my new nickname 😉

So this recipe includes Chlorophyll which is a known weight loss supplement, a highly alkaline liquid as well as a digestive system aid.

It also contains fresh ginger which, in my not so humble opinion, is the the strongest inflammation fighter known to man.

It also has a freshly squeezed lime and apple juice combo which provides massive amounts of vitamins to support the immune system.

And…if you are feeling and throw a shot of vodka on top and call it a party.

Ok, here goes:

Apple Lime Ginger Granita with Vodka Infusion


1 Gala Apple, 1 Lime – peeled, 1/2” Ginger root

***Juice the above items in your juicer to extract the nutrient dense components and add to your blender


Lots of ice, Juice you made, 1/2 teaspoon Chlorophyll.

– Blend the juice, ice and chlorophyll until you create a thick, sumptuous Bellini style drink.

*** Add 1 shot of expensive vodka to the bottom of your martini glass if you are feeling cheeky and pour your granita on top.

You can make this recipe just to sip on a hot n hazy Summer or wow some friends at your next get together.

Of course, more recipes and "real-life" nutrition will be included in our upcoming challenge in September. Yep, we will be juicing. Yep we will be cleaning up your Summer weight gain. Yep, we will be building lean and clean bodies.

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Enjoy your Guilt Free Granita!

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