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HA! He told me Facebook was for Girls

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About 5 minutes ago, some troll emailed me and told me that Facebook was for girls and that he wanted to participate in our 19 Day Detox and just not go on Facebook…

…which is fine, but why not?

Our Facebook group is kick ass and to be honest, you get a tonne of support, ideas, discounts and motivation from it. The 19 Day Detox is no exception and as you transition through the juices and meal plans, you are going to want a few friendly shoulders to cry on…

Cleaning up your body is no joke. You’ll have sugar withdrawal, caffeine headaches and of course you’ll want to dive head first into a New York Cheesecake.

But listen to this: the worse your detox symptoms are, the more you need this program.

If you..
— can’t wake up without coffee
— always hit that 3 pm wall
— constantly want a little treat to nibble on
— can’t sleep a whole 8 hours without waking up
— you get headaches when you don’t eat
— don’t poop everyday
— drink booze more than once a week
— ate your body weight in Turtles over Christmas…

Well, the 19 Day Detox is going to save your ass (and make it look pretty too).

And lord knows I get enough hate mail about “detoxing” and how bad it is and blah blah blah…but last I checked, not one of these people were a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who’s sole goal in life was to make people healthy and happy…

Truthfully, you can join the 19 Day Detox right now whether you are on Facebook or not…although it might be a better experience if you are…and NO, Facebook isn’t just for girls 🙂

Click the link to see what’s included in the 19 Day Detox, but be warned…we only have about 20 spots left…the other 80 have been snapped up.

See you soon
Teresa Misty Mozejko (<< friend me on FB if you want to join the group)

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