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He left me, but loved me.

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This guy DID NOT JOIN 10,000 Strong.

Nope, after 2 months Ayo decided he was going to wait until Fall to join. He has his reasons and plans to stay active over the Summer….

Of course, I think he should stay with us…even through the Summer months,  I think everyone should be signing year long memberships at 10,000 Strong and sticking to our program…BUT can’t force people to stay.


…even though this member is taking a break from 10,000 Strong to travel and cycle he still says all these amazing things about us:

“I'm thrilled with what I have achieved within the last 2 months thanks to your program and I don't want to slide back.

 I joined the program partly with the misguided goal of getting in shape for the summer but through your HGF challenge and intense 30 – minute workouts, my goals have shifted drastically towards long-term healthy living. I will not give up on these new goals as long as I'm physically able to!”

And this SHIFT is exactly what I want for NOT only our entire membership but for our entire PROVINCE.

I want you to use 10,000 Strong to help you refocus on your LONG TERM health…not just some silly short term “get me skinny” goal. 

We have a longevity mindset and while Ayo is gonna continue his healthy journey over the Summer…I’d like to think that it was because 10,000 Strong showed him that getting fit and healthy is a life long journey…

…not some journey you have to endure for a few months, get skinny for summer and then ditch everything while sipping and dipping at the cottage.

If you START NOW, by the time Summer comes, being healthy will just be your lifestyle.

There will be no deprivation, you won’t stare longingly at your friends frosty beer glass as you sip on water.

You’ll be so far into your healthy lifestyle that moderation, working out and ditching sugar will just be YOU.

So come on now look >> if even the people who aren’t signing up for memberships are raving about us…

…imagine what those who are in our program for a full year are saying 🙂

Why not make healthy a way of life and simply just that thing you do.

Join us for a 2 week pass and finally find yourself a place you can call your fitness home:

Catch ya on the flip side.

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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