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He told me “He Would Die”

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So, because I am moving to the sticks I have to change internet providers to a "rural based" company.

Yeh, no Rogers or Bell out there in the corn fields my friends. Anyway…being me, I had lots of questions for the poor sales guy on the other end.

Speed, usuage, overages and everything else and online marketing whizz needs to know. I can't send bloody emails by smoke-signal now can I?

Anyway, the dude needed my email address and when he heard the words "bootcamp" he told me:

"Oh god, I would DIE if I went to boot camp".

I told him that we try not to kill our members as it's not great for business to which he said "jeez, I could never do a boot camp, i'd be so sore for the next few days".

…well yeh. That soreness is your body changing. You want to feel the effects of a dam good workout. You want to know that you have worked out hard and that your body is thanking you for it.

But again…people look at their fears before they looked at the facts.

This dude, without even knowing anything about my program, my elite trainers or our community wrote me off because he decided BOOT CAMP was just too scary.

Well guess what.

We aren't a boot camp in your typical sense of the word.

Nope, we are a fun yet challenging, happy yet hard-working, sweaty but selfless community of over 150 mums and dads, sons and daughters, grandparent and spouses who decided that enough is enough and that it was time to stop the middle age spread.

We are not Cross Fit.

We are not your local Mums and Tums class.

We are not 20 years old.

We are not cardio-queens and pilates-princes.

We are a goddam revolution of normal people who stuck a middle finger up at the fitness industry and found something that truly fit our lifestyle and mindset.

Don't let fear ruin a perfectly good time….and please, try us out before you write us off.

It's easy to come in…you just need a 2 week test drive to get you started. Click here and see what your 2 weeks includes:

I promise you, you won't die. You won't even puke. You'll be just fine. Momma Misty says so.

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong.


1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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